Angel and Beauty - Hong Kong Animal Adoption

Pets don't care how we look, our titles, our wealth, they just simply love us unconditionally, so why can’t we do the same to them? I met Angel and Beauty few days ago and heard their story so I decided to have a little studio session for them, hoping better photos can help them to get adopted more easily.

Meet Beauty and Angel, they both are looking for a forever home. They are around 3, 4 years old, 5-7kg. People saw them straying on the street together, eating, sleeping, escaping from being attacked by other dogs. Finally volunteer managed to rescue them both and currently under foster care.

Angel is friendly and active, Beauty is a bit timid. Both are gentle, loyal, sweet, submissive and so longing for love. As they are always in a pair, volunteer suggested people adopt them together if possible. Someone wanted to adopt Angel before but not accepting Beauty because of her appearance. But I truly believe that someone out there will greatly appreciate their loyalty, the true beauty inside and can give them a forever home.

Both Angel and Beauty are located in Hong Kong, so if you are interested adopting them, please contact Natalie at +852 6306 3255 or for more details.
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Be proud, it’s good to be special.

Adopt, Don’t Shop.

Pet Photography in Hong Kong 香港寵物攝影

I went to Macau last week for a family/pet photo shoot, the superstar was Mui Mui, Bichon Frise. She has a signature smile…her “crooked teeth smile” which I’ve found it was really special and cute.

The weather was quite nice, and we walked around the neighbourhood and took some beautiful family photos with Mui Mui. I’d love to go back to Macau in the future and do more shoot there, if you are seeing this post from Macau, contact me, I am more than happy to ferry over and capture your pets and your family.

If you think your dog or cat is photogenic, why not drop me a line and set a photoshoot.

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Black Labrador - Dog photographer in Hong Kong

Labrador Retriever is one of the popular breeds, they are intelligent, friendly, outgoing, gentle. Soon after I got a booking to photograph one, I was pretty excited and really looking forward to it. I had so much fun with Anika during the shoot, he was pretty well trained, and smart. Since he was quite young so the energy inside him was just endless and we decided to drain it (we actually did it). So we played frisbee, tennis ball, running out in a massive field for 2 hours. When we finished the shoot and left the park, Anika was sleeping like not tomorrow inside the car.

If you think your dog or cat is photogenic, why not drop me a line and set a photoshoot.

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Support Individual Handmade Designers

It’s nothing more excited than seeing your own handmade jewelry designs worn by someone and published online. One regular customers from my wife’s Etsy shop has sent us her recent interview with Marie Clarie Hong Kong. She was wearing the Black Spinel Hoop Earrings, and Fresh Water Keshi Pearl earrings (sold out). Support individual designers, dress yourself differently and make your own statement.

Credit: Marie Clarie Hong Kong

Credit: Marie Clarie Hong Kong

Fresh Water Keshi Pearl earrings

Fresh Water Keshi Pearl earrings

Black Spinel Hoop Earrings

Black Spinel Hoop Earrings

French Bulldog Pet Photography in Hong Kong 香港寵物攝影

Another pet shoot in Ma Wan, meet Di Di, a senior, solid, strong, muscle, built like a tank but sweet like honey French Bulldog.

Ma Wan is probably one of my favourite locations to photograph pets. Less cars, really dogs friendly, beautiful locations, with new and old vibes, trees, buildings, beaches…as a former “Ma Wanese” I highly recommend this wonderful island for any lifestyle, editorial, portrait shoot, well, pets of course.
I travel to any location to shoot, so don’t limit yourself, open up a map and search :)

If you think your dog or cat is photogenic, why not drop me a line and set a photoshoot.

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Ginza Kimono Women

Weekend in Ginza is shoppers paradise as the streets were closed for pedestrians to walk. Summer specially is great to hang out there even you don’t do much shopping. Just roaming around you would discover many interesting things happening. Last weekend, I saw a ground of women dressed in Kimono and walked there, and found out they are from Oedo Wagami Gakkai (A society of Japanese Traditional Hairstyle in Edo perido). They do this once a month to promote their school in East Ginza and everyone can join the class, the fee is ¥1000 and on second Saturday every month. For everyone that is interested in traditional hairstyle akeup, you can definitely go check it out.

Handmade Jewelry Necklace, Earrings on Etsy

Jewelry, such as necklace, earrings, are popular items among everything else. It is how you define yourself that you and sometimes to stand out from the crowd. To make it little more unique, handmade jewelry always the best choice, because it’s not mainstream and mostly they are only one of a kind.

My wife started her little online jewelry business little over a year ago and selling her handmade designs on Etsy. Everything start with a simple sketch and she lets the materials guide her creativity through the design process. From sourcing natural crystals, gemstones, and quality metals, to designing the distinctive styles and ultimately creating highly wearable special jewelry, each piece is handmade in our little home studio in Hong Kong and Tokyo with tender loving care.

Make sure you stop by her shop or follow her Instagram page.

Pet Photography in Hong Kong 香港寵物攝影

I was shooting some lifestyle, outdoor pet photography in Hong Kong last time, session took place in Ma Wan, a beautiful island that I used to live there. My client was a Belgium Malinois, named On On, he’s also my returned customers in Hong Kong. He was found chained and abandoned on the island, current owner found him during her daily walk and later brought him home. On On is highly intelligent and loyal, but don’t be fooled by his masculine appearance, he’s super gentle and playful.

Yau Yau is a senior Dachshund, he is actually On On’s cousin. He tagged along during the shoot but only stayed a little due to his body condition.

If you think your dog or cat is photogenic, why not drop me a line and set a photoshoot.

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Exotic Shorthair - Hong Kong Pet Photography 寵物攝影

Among most common animals that I’ve been photographed so far, dogs consider the easiest and less stressful. Cats, on the other hand are not the case. So far I only shot one cat that were totally under control and listened to its owner, the rest they were just like running and exploring around. It’s a huge challenge to capture but that’s also the fun part of photographing them.

If you think your cat is photogenic, why not drop me a line and set a photoshoot.

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Tokyo Newborn Family Session 家庭攝影

Recently I have shot another lifestyle newborn here in Tokyo. Isabel was only a week old when we did the shoot however she was going so well the whole time, well few hiccups here and there, but smooth shoot overall. Bonus at the shoot, I met an adorable cat named Pearl and she was cooperate did a great job at the family photo.

Contact me and book your family session now.

It's Furry Cute Pet Photography Service 寵物攝影

i am happy announce that my new site It’s Furry Cute is now live…
This site is nothing else but animals as I am interested spending more time on photographing them. I will be mainly covering Hong Kong, Tokyo, but not limited to other areas too, so if you are looking for lifestyle, studio style pet photography for your dogs, cats, birds, or any exotic animals, don’t hesitate to contact me. Also you can follow me on my instagram.
Since we only have a finite amount of time with our adored pets, it's important that my images of you and your best friend will have the same emotional resonance today as decades from now.

Drop me an email and book your session now

I Look forward to meeting your four legged friends :)


Hong Kong Pet Session 寵物攝影

I was in Hong Kong last week for a short trip and someone booked me for an animal photo shoot for his dogs, cats, parrots. Session was half editorial and half studio, it was little chaotic because there were 9 animals chasing each others and flying all over inside the tiny apartment, but we managed to get them under control and got our session done. The more I photograph animals the more I enjoy it, if you are interested feel free to contact me and get a photo session done.

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Lifestyle Newborn Session

Had a newborn shoot for Carson and Laura and their 7 weeks old angel Ada. Their generous friend from UK purchased a 90 minutes family session as a gift for them. Gift card from a professional photographer is a great way to make those memories last.

If you are interested in buying one, email me

The Amazing XF200mm F2

The FUJINON LENS SUPER EBC XF 200mm f/2 R LM OIS WR with XF 1.4x TC F2 WR is a SHARP, ultra-sharp, the insane sharpness is really what this amazing lens is all about. The buttery smooth, bokeh areas really make the subject stand out. I am not a gear reviewer so if you want to find out more about this lens there are tons of reviews out there, you can Google them online. I just wanted to share my personal experience using this lens.

I was lucky enough to receive a loaner from Fujifilm in Hong Kong and used that to cover Hong Kong 7s in April. First impression was, it’s a monster lens, it’s solid, excellent built and almost all metal but not substantially heavy and I’ve found it balanced quite well on my XT3 with the battery grip on, with a monopod attached I was able to dodging people in and out the stadium quite easily and without hurting my shoulder too much due to its weight.

At 200mm on APS-C cameras it makes the lens equivalent as a 300mm on full-frame cameras. Adding the XF1.4x TC F2 WR teleconverter, it becomes 420mm, it’s good enough for most cases, for further reach I’d have to use the XF100-400mmF4.5-5.6 to cover.

Photo 7-4-2019, 19 34 16.jpg

The performance of this lens is astonishing, snappy focusing and accurate. I set my camera to Zone Focusing with continuous focus on and let the camera do the rest. The results were outstanding, I had really no problem tracking the players running up and down, front and back on the field, and that was with the 1.4x on the whole time, so the teleconverter didn’t affect the performance whatsoever. Not to mention the XT3 focusing speed and accuracy made a big improvement over the XT2, so a truly enjoyable shooting experience. Another outstanding performance was the OIS Optical Image Stabilization. I was able to handheld and shoot it at 1/3 sec which still gave me an amazing result. Practically speaking, photographing with a 200mm lens at that slow shutter speed isn’t really an ideal situation, unless, of course your subject isn’t moving at all, for instance, a lazy cat.

XT2, f2.2, 1/3sec, ISO1600

XT2, f2.2, 1/3sec, ISO1600

The price tag of this FUJINON LENS SUPER EBC XF 200mm f/2 R LM OIS WR with XF 1.4x TC F2 WR is $6,000, priced about the same as the Nikon and Canon 300mm f2.8, however due to the APSC camera system it is smaller and lighter also it comes with the 1.4x TC, is it worth it? If you are a Fuji shooters and want a fast tele lens, this is your only choice, but remember you are sort of buying 2 lenses in one, 200mm (300mm FF) and 280mm (420mm FF) with the teleconverter on. So if you are full time shooters especially sports photographer, yes this is more likely for you. For amateurs, if you have extra cash, sure, otherwise the 100-400mm isn’t a bad choice at all. Check out the photos below, all shot with the 200mm and XT3.

Copyright © Keith Tsuji Photography. All Rights Reserved

Hong Kong Pet Photography 寵物攝影

Amour aka A-Mo-Ru, a 14 year old Shiz Tzu, loves talking but mostly I have no idea what he’s saying, I believe something food related. Amour is recently having a health issue, his kidney and heart aren’t in good condition and has been in and out the veterinary hospital. The owner almost thought he couldn’t make it months ago due to his heart failure but thanks to the some miracle happened he made it through. So the owner contacted me and wanted to have a photo session for him, because they said they would have regretted if they didn’t do the shoot, and this is the best gift and memory they can cherish forever.

If you are interested booking a shoot for your pets, email me and set up a session.

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Hong Kong Lifestyle Family Photography 香港家庭攝影

It is always an honour and pleasure to photograph a returning customer, Bernice and her family was the first client when I moved to Hong Kong few years ago. Now after 4 years they contacted me again for another family photo session when I was there last month. We spent first half of the shoot in the park near Kennedy Town then roaming around around the neighbour. Valerie is turning 5 and she now has a little brother, Damian.

Valerie’s favourite bunny doll also came to the shoot. That bunny was with her since she was born and never left her sight ever since. Now the bunny is shared between the her and Damian, but sometimes things could get little chaotic over the bunny doll between them.

Cherry Blossom Lifestyle Family Session

You can never get enough of the splendid sakura (cherry blossom) season in Japan, every year from March to April tens of thousands of travelers fly to Japan to experience this amazing scenery all over the nation.
My recent session, the family was from Moscow, Russia, they traveled to Tokyo and wanted to have their family photos taken with the sakura, we picked our location at Shinjuku Gyoen, and it was an absolutely beautiful afternoon. We all had such a great time roaming around the park. Their daughter Sasha was just so photogenic and I almost couldn’t put my camera down. After the park we quickly walked over to the busy shopping district nearby and finished our session there.

If you are interested booking my lifestyle family photography service, please don’t hesitate to contact me, or the session could be purchased as a gift and send to someone you care about.

Keep Barking Hong Kong Dog Adoption 寵物攝影

I was in Hong Kong for 3 weeks, half assignments half home visiting trip. It was quite a bit in busy schedule with many back to back shoots but all went smoothly. The highlight of the trip was the dog adoption event that I collaborated with Mount Zero Bookstore and teakha. People get together, bring their dogs over and it was such a fun loving day.

The event was a blast, we almost had to cancel due to the weather but we made it. Thanks to LAP (Long Life Animal Protection Charity) bring their dogs over for adoption, and for dog lovers like me nothing more happier than hearing the great news, there were 5 dogs got adopted at the event and 3 in their adoption center that day. Every effort counts and I was proud that we all could make this happen. I really look forward to doing this again soon in the near future.

Adopt, Don’t Shop.

Pet Photography Bosley

Bosley is gentle, lovely, chill and stylish handsome little furry friend. This shoot was a birthday gift package, I’ve got an email last week saying she wanted to book me a session as a gift to her friend here in Tokyo. We went back and forth emailing trying to figure out details and finally fixed out location at Yoyogi Park. if you haven’t been, Yoyogi Park is located next to Meiji Shrine, it became a public park in 1967, after serving as the site for the 1964 Olympic Village, when the Summer Games were held in Tokyo. The park is really popular, especially on Sundays that family and friends can get together having picnic, yoga practice, jogging, hobbyist gathering, it is also great park to enjoy the cherry blossom during spring season. Also, park is super dog friendly and that’s the reason we’d chosen there to shoot.

We arrived in the morning when there were less busy, Bosley had already dressed up in his Supreme sweatshirt and ready to go. We walked around took shots here and there and stopped by a cheery blossom tree and did a glamour shot in front, it was such a blast. Bosley was quite easy going and effortless to work with, one small dog treat would do the trick.

If you are interested in my pet photography service for your four legged friend, please don’t hesitate to contact me, or the session could be purchased as a gift and send to someone you care about.

Long John Abandoned Dog

Every dog has a story. Long John is missing one eye, what had caused him losing one eye was unknown, he was also abandoned and left on the street, but he got lucky because if he would have picked up by Tokyo’s animal control division his chances of survival would be in doubt. People in Japan are not too fond adopting animals, specially don’t want an adult dog even if they have a chance to adopt one. They want to get a dog when it is still young because of their cuteness. It is arduous to convince the public to adopt abandoned pets, but things have improved slightly in recent years and it still has a long way to go.

His new owner now is a lady and she has taken a really good care of him. Long John may seem like a shy little Dachshund specially to people, but he is absolutely photogenic in front of the camera.