Angel and Beauty - Hong Kong Animal Adoption

Pets don't care how we look, our titles, our wealth, they just simply love us unconditionally, so why can’t we do the same to them? I met Angel and Beauty few days ago and heard their story so I decided to have a little studio session for them, hoping better photos can help them to get adopted more easily.

Meet Beauty and Angel, they both are looking for a forever home. They are around 3, 4 years old, 5-7kg. People saw them straying on the street together, eating, sleeping, escaping from being attacked by other dogs. Finally volunteer managed to rescue them both and currently under foster care.

Angel is friendly and active, Beauty is a bit timid. Both are gentle, loyal, sweet, submissive and so longing for love. As they are always in a pair, volunteer suggested people adopt them together if possible. Someone wanted to adopt Angel before but not accepting Beauty because of her appearance. But I truly believe that someone out there will greatly appreciate their loyalty, the true beauty inside and can give them a forever home.

Both Angel and Beauty are located in Hong Kong, so if you are interested adopting them, please contact Natalie at +852 6306 3255 or for more details.
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